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1. Who are the worksheets for?
 The worksheets are for students from Class 1 to 7.
2. Are they for a particular board?
 Yes, they are suitable for all boards. Sometimes, some schools do a particular topic earlier or later than others. The content remains the same.

3. Are these worksheets only for Mumbai based schools?
 No, they are for schools all over India, even abroad, that follow the same boards. 
4. How will these worksheets help my child?
 Learning is easy with Starchild worksheets. These worksheets act as revision or review for topics done in class. Once a topic is done, you can ask the child to revise his work and attempt the worksheets. As a parent, you can use them to give small, quick tests too. 
5. Would this not be extra pressure on the kids?

 No, it would not as our worksheets are interesting, short and crisp. We break up each topic into smaller units. A child would complete a worksheet in a  span of 5 minutes. 
 6. What kind of questions are included in the worksheets?
 Our questions include fill in the blanks, MCQs, matching, saying which is right/wrong, unscrambling words, replacing words, find the odd ones out and more. Such questions test whether the child has understood the concepts.
7. Are the worksheets corrected immediately?
 Yes, the worksheets are corrected immediately! Marks are also given.

8. How many questions are there in each worksheet?
 Each worksheet has 15 questions.
9. My child has started doing a worksheet but now does not wish to do that one, is it counted as done?
Once you open a worksheet, it is counted as done. Thus, your child must finish what he/she has begun.

10. Can I print , save or download the worksheets?
 No, you cannot print, download and save the worksheets. They can only be answered online. 
11. How do we know which new worksheets are added on the site?
 Whenever new worksheets are uploaded, we will send you an email.

12. My child is not going to school and I am homeschooling her. Can your site help us?
 Yes, very much. Our topics are the same as those done in school so your child can stay abreast with the latest topics taught in schools by following our worksheets. Doing these worksheets will definitely help your child.

13. Apart from worksheets, what else do you provide?
 Apart from worksheets we also have assessments or tests . These cover 2 to 3 chapters together. They have a minimum of 40 questions. A timer is also provided so the student can time him/herself.

14. How can I subscribe?
 Please fill in the given registration form and make the payment to subscribe.
15. Do I have to subscribe for the whole year or buy a large set of worksheets?
No, you do not have to do so.  Our subscription plans are for a particular number of worksheets a child can attempt. You can always subscribe again when you want. We do not tie you down for the whole year.
16. What is the mode of payment?
You may make online payment using your Credit Card, Debit Card, or through net bank transfer.  You can also pay offline by PayTM, make cash payment or transfer the amount to our account.
If  you have any other questions, do write to us at: info@starchild.in or call: + 91 - 9920062509
Thank you!