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One of the main reasons that lead to the starting of Wikipedia 
Daddy Has Kira To Thank
Then, Wales clears his throat and says, ‘ I have never told this before, but there is something else deeply personal that impacted me.
My daughter Kira suffered from a rare condition from birth that would have eventually killed her. She was a newborn baby with severe lung incapacity, a very rare condition with no known cure.
A certain doctor in San    Diego had found an untested cure that seemed to work on at least some children.  But it’s outcome was not proven.
So, parents who took their children had to make a call. The procedure required the child to be paralysed for a few moments and it would be repeated a number of times before the child’s lung began to function normally again.
Left with no other options, we agreed to give it a try. We watched as, four times, she was turned upside down, her entire system stopped and the lungs cleaned.  At the end of it, she breathed and, thank God, has become perfectly normal.’
He stops. A tear drops. Silence. He wipes it off and begins halting.
‘At the end of the procedure, I realised how precious the doctors knowledge was. It occurred to me that no one other than this doctor would ever know about this whole thing. There had to be a way.’
And this is how Wikipedia came about.
An operation that saved Jimmy Wales (Founder, Wikipedia) daughter’s life, made him realise to stockpile that knowledge. And this is how Wikipedia was formed.
People always wonder from the where the next big idea will come, start solving the pain points of others and big idea will automatically come.

Story source
From the book – Zen Garden by Subroto Bagchi.

Thanks to:
Mr. Rupak. Shah